Louis B. Lindbloom
 "Ms. Lori Flanagan is a great Instructor and answered all our questions well! Plus, great hints and personal experiences as a medic to help us better understand CPR/First Aid for Inured person(s) who need help. Thanks!" 
Mike Miller
 After this training I am confident that my employees will never hurt the client during a containment.  
Kathy Moore
 After MABPRO's M2 class I feel confident in all of the laws and appropriate techniques for clinical containments. 
Huntington Hosptial
 You and Adrian gave the necessary information and instructions clearly and concisely without super-saturating or boring us--not so easy to pull off. What was especially wonderful is that I had the opportunity to DO the procedures repeatedly in a comfortable supportive atmosphere, thanks to your and Adrian's instructive and supportive teaching styles. 
Methodist Hospital
 I am happy to report that I got much more out of the day--specifically, suggestions new to me on MAB Response, confirmation or updates of things I already knew, AND the bonus chance to practice and improve these skills"  
Kaiser Permanente
 "I have been to many CME presentations in the past and the MABPRO Safe Evasions course ranks at the top. Hands on models and great instructors with a low student faculty ratio made this an outstanding experience. Thanks!!" 
 Darrell makes you comfortable and does not enforce his views on you, he is there to help you learn what you need to to make the right decision for you and your team, and those we protect. You can tell he truly cares! 
North Highlands CIWP
 "Knowledgeable of topics discussed. Compassionate about job success for new hires. Treated all with respect and has a great sense of humor. Look forward to your next class next year!"  
Santa Barbara Psychiatric Facility
 "Good listening skills, and responses to our questions & concerns."  
Henry Mayo Hosptial
 "Very enjoyable and fun, great job!"  
Francisco Paulos
 I found this training very useful, it was a knowledgeable and overall great training! I would definitely recommend to others! 
Perry Shelton Jr.
 "Good teacher, great wealth of knowledge to draw from."  
Kami Jensen
 Darrell has helped my staff greatly in our effort to maintain the highest quality of life through the highest quality of service. His training is top notch and professional, it is exactly what our industry needs! 
Mission Community Hospital
 “Informative, excellent. I have had the privilege of taking this course many times over 20 years of being in the mental health field. Doc continues to give up to date information and strategies that are crucial in working in healthcare”