MAB Management of Assaultive Behavior™


This Online MAB Training is MABPRO’s main workplace violence prevention training. Upon completion of this MAB course you will automatically receive a 1 year Online MAB Certification.
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Online Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB™) Training for professionals. MABPRO’s Online MAB trademarked course is relied upon by thousands of healthcare professionals around the world. This online AB-508 violence prevention course is designed for healthcare professionals as well as anyone else that feels at risk to violence in their workplace.
Through years of experience our courses are designed for maximum retention; we want our students to remember their training when it matters most. Gain an understanding of correct proxemics and de-escalation techniques that have been proven effective over years of use and feedback. Dive deep into the psychology of managing assaultive behavior. Learn about multiple topics such as why people lose control, response proxemics, essentials to active listening, how to negotiate for success, and more.
This Course is OSHA and AB508 and SB 1299 Compliant. Receive up to four (4) CEU Credits through the Board of Registered Nursing #CEP15286 and the Department of Developmental Services Vendor #200575-735-2.
MABPRO also offers in class training for those wanting a deeper detailed training that also includes non-violent physical maneuvers in the rare cases that a crisis becomes physical.
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