Providing low cost professional training for over 30 years!

From 1987 through to current MABPRO continues forward!

After 30 years we look ahead while keeping the cost of training affordable:

When MABPRO first took to providing MAB  training in 1987 only 15% of the Care Profession understood the need for MAB training. Today more than 85% of the Care Profession receives some form of MAB instruction. The reason for the change is simple – better trained staff equals higher levels of safety, which in turn equals to a more responsive and functional employee performance in crisis situations… and that means fewer people get hurt on the job.

To help this process become the mainstream expectation that it is, MABPRO sparked the low course cost revolution.  We understood then, as we do now, that training to a higher standard does not have to be cost prohibitive. There are a number of way we keep the cost of instruction low.  We employ an in-house team of National MABPRO Core of Instructors to meet the travel training needs of the communities we serve. We maintain a robust public class calendar to help in training schedule flexibility. We do not charge for materials, and we offer wrap around support services for our contracted locations. Our Instructor network is always growing and welcoming new training centers.  We are here to help.

Another way we keep costs low is we offer our courses only through MABPRO Training Centers and approved Instructor Programs.  To support this we also offer online and instructor led courses through webinars and onsite training events. We keep instructor training costs low by maintaining a in-house team of respected MABPRO M4 Train the Trainers.

MABPRO provides training services to large organizations and also to the individual.  We respect all students and reach out across all industries in doing so. We bring HR resources to all level of employee development. By providing both direct to student and business to business support, we establish a relationship with our Customers, allowing us to provide transparent pricing with no hidden fee structures. This includes not being charged for training materials and over the top certification fees, providing our students the ability to have access to the lowest class fees in any city, on any given day, week, or month; applying unused course credits; and understanding the benefits of constantly developing new authorizations across the United States.  As a result of our direct to student approach the majority of our students purchase their courses through, and our business to buisness approach provides the invoicing flexibility needed for today’s workforce. and service allows all levels of business to enjoy the benefits of having a HR Training department they can count on.

Ultimately, our cost-effective and customer friendly approach allows us to pass savings along to you in the form of low course fees.  Believe it or not there is an effort online to destabilize the professional standards of certified instruction and devalue your training investment.  To some in the training industry you are a quick dollar, a check the box student that does not care about professional development and patient care. At MABPRO we know otherwise, we share in your desire to keep our workplaces safe, and our patients cared for.  In 1987 the industry could only dream of the skills you maintain, and standards you uphold. We look forward to being there with you throughout 2018 and beyond as we take on the challenge of workplace safety.

Thank you for all the years of support, It continues to be our honor to helping you meet you training needs.