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The IMS Process – “I-CAN through M-TAC learn how to Serv and Support!”  The IMS Process is the how the MABPRO Modality functions.  It is based on Assessment, Communication, and Actionable Customer Support.

The M1 MAB Initial Course – The M1 MAB Initial Course is designed to provide the responder the needed tools to navigate towards safety in Crisis Situations.  It follows The IMS Process in teaching situational awareness, active communication, and inward planning prior to outward motion.

The MAB Safe Evasion Program – The MABPRO Safe Evasion Program is about creating that moment of safety for the responder to use to evade physical violence.  This course teaches singular maneuvers that the responder can perform to help in escaping assault, and evading violence.

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MAB Module 1 – Workplace Violence Definition & Response – Understanding the types of Workplace Violence (WPV) and its cause and affect is key to maintaining a safe work environment.  This course helps the responder in elevating situational awareness and WPV understanding.

MAB Module 2 – Steps to Situational Awareness – This course helps the responder to understand the types of situational awareness.  It covers environmental awareness and situational awareness while identifying risk factors in each. 

MAB Module 3 – Response Proxemics – This course provides a clear understanding of the impact of spacial boundaries in relation to safety.  Proxemics also provides the ability for the responder to use distance and placement to aid the process of negotiation.

MAB Module 4 – Active Listening & Critical Thinking – This course helps the Responder to develop the skills required to capture needed information to during crisis situations.  The Responder learns how to problem solve with the information gained in a manner that leans towards safety.

MAB Module 5 – MABPRO Tactically Advanced Communication (M-TAC) – Here Responders learn the tools that helps to make crisis communication safe and effective.  In this block of instruction they discover the many layers of communication that present during escalating events, while learning how to communicate effective options away from violence.

MAB Module 6 – The Assault Cycle – Professional Responders learn to read and understand the phases of The Assault Cycle.  They develop the ability to recognize where a patient is at in the assault cycle process to better direct response.  

MAB Module 7 – Crisis Response, Inward Planning and Outward Action – This block of instruction provides detailed guidance through The Incentive Cycle, The Conflict Cycle, The Compliance Cycle, and The Threat Recognition Tables.

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