M2 Instructor

M2 MAB - Classroom Edition:

M2 MAB Instructor Course

Course Price - Per Student

Class Detail -

  • Length of Class is Three (3) Days
  • Class includes M1 MAB Workplace Violence Prevention & De-escalation Course
  • M2 Advanced Safe Evasion Course
  • M2 MAB Clinical Containment Program
  • Length of Certification is 3 Years
  • AB508 & SB 1299 Compliant
  • OSHA, DSS, DDS, CMS, & Joint Commission Approved.
  • Certifications issued at the end of class

Course Description -

In the event that the intervention become physical in nature, the program will then address and provde a self defensive methodology derived from proven evasive and defensive arts in order to protect oneself humanely and safely.  The MAB methodology will help effectvely manage assaultive situations through individual or group response.  Energies are focused on the higher rate of success of avoiding a physical encounter betwen employees and the aggressive individual, and limits the liability of the standard, single step de-escalation protocol.

Through years of experience, we have engineered our courses for maximum retention. Our focus is for our students to remember their training when it matters most.

Students of this program are certified to provide 1 year certifications to their students for 3 years. After 3 years a discounted re-certification course is required.

MABPRO is proud to be the  industry leader and creator of the MAB program and response concepts.  When you seek MAB certification, seek the trademarked original MAB – Seek MABPRO!

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Technical Requirements -

Each student:
  • Must complete the entire course.
  • Must pass written test at the end of the course.

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Yes! MABPRO Instructor Certification is divided into four (4)  M Level.  M1 & M2 are often taken to help large and small businesses maintain an in house instructor team.   For more information click the following link – MABPRO/ Instructor Course Information

Yes!  We not only offer training through our flexible MAB delivery options,  we also have a full contingent of in-house MAB Instructors that train at our oftenly held regional MABCERT Training Events – or we can come to your facility.  Just call us today for the details at (888) 619 -8880!

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