Management of Active Shooter Training (M.A.S.T.):

M.A.S.T. –  Run, Hide, & Survive – This course is a customized training event professionally designed to prepare you and you location for an active shooter situation. This course is for anyone that wishes to have a “best practice” understanding of what to do if you ever found yourself in an active shooter scenario.

In the wake of the recent tragedies involving gun violence that we have all witnessed, we would like to do what we can to help. Our goal is to encourage education and training and provide people the tools they can use to be prepared for and respond and react to active shooter situations.

Active shooter situations have become more common, in public places and at work premises. This course helps you prepare to respond to an active shooter situation.

M.A.S.T. Training is comprehensive.  The full program follows five stages of safety preparation and training:

  1. Prior to Event – Delivery of pre-training resources to all facility employees.
  2. Prior to Event – Initial M.A.S.T. Safety Training Plan is Developed – Admin interview, Local law enforcement coordination, Location scouting, EAP Review, coordination of additional safety requirements and/ or requests.
  3. Day of Event – M.A.S.T. pre-event staging and safety walk through. Safety Plan is initiated.
  4. Day of Event – Live M.A.S.T. Event (includes facility testing & Instructor led student training)
  5. Day After Event – Video After Action Report Delivered/ reviewed with admin team.


Covered in Training:

  • Response to An Active Shooter
  • Lockdown procedures
  • Survival Response
  • Proper Response to Law Enforcement
  • Explosive Do’s & Don’ts
  • Casualty Cards

Included in Training:

  • Includes Classroom Instruction
  • Practical Exercises
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Review
  • Customized EAP Testing
  • Video After Action Report (Footage of Training)
  • Customized Program Summary Package

All businesses and organizations should have an emergency action plan (EAP) that includes guidelines for dealing with an Active Shooter. Preparing for an emergency begins with having a clearly defined set of steps, a process whereby everyone involved knows exactly what they need to do and in what order.  Effective training, reinforced by practice and drills, will make a difference and potentially save lives. Our step by step process helps to make sure you are addressing the emergency needs of your organization.

The MAST Program starts with a EAP Evaluation of your facilities emergency protocols.  This EAP Evaluation rates your Initial Safety Response Score.  The EAP Evaluation also makes recommendations on ways to improve your response posture and elevate your Safety Response Score.

Your Safety Response Score is Rated from performance in the following categories:

  1. Active EAP Policy in Place
  2. Current Level of Training towards EAP.
  3. Facility Layout and Evasion options
  4. Alert/ Code Process
  5. Communication Reliability
  6. Post Event Accountability Processes 

Each category is measured section by section, through detailed grading and onsite evaluations.The EAP Evaluation results in a Safety Response Score, which serves as a Baseline to to build a safer response from.


The M.A.S.T. Safety Brief covers Pre-event, Stageing, Live Event, and Post Event elements. It is a detailed coordination process that brings all program elements together to ensure the event is safe, your employees are safe, and that the instructional learning objectives are met. 

Below are a just a few areas that are part of the M.A.S.T. Safety Brief:

  1. Physical location
  2. Law Enforcement Coordination
  3. Signage, Team Identification
  4. Security of Training Zone
  5. Event Communication
  6. Scheduling

The M.A.S.T. Safety Brief covers Pre-event, Stageing, Live Event, and Post Event elements. It is a detailed coordination process that brings all program elements together to ensure the event is safe, your employees are safe, and that the instructional learning objectives are met. 

Customized Facility/ EAP Testing:

M.A.S.T. Facility Testing –

Active Shooters have one goal in mind and that is to kill.  M.A.S.T. Facility Testing is an essential part of response training.  When an Active Shooter arrives and puts into motion his deadly intent, one thing is for sure…law enforcement will arrive to help stop the shooter.  They train for those moments, they know what to do, but what will you do in the 10 – 15 minutes it takes before they get there.  Do you know what to do?  M.A.S.T. Facility Testing helps to bring real response understanding to a deadly threat.

Types of Facility Testing Scenarios:

  • Stalker Scenario
  • Single Facility Breach
  • Attacker with a weapon – Pistol
  • Attacker with a weapon – Rifle
  • Multiple Point Facility Breach
  • Multiple Attackers with a weapon – Pistol
  • Multiple Attackers with a weapon – Rifle

Multiple M.A.S.T. Facility Tests can be done!

Each M.A.S.T. Training event is customizable to the needs of the facility.  Your Safety Teams participate in the course development.  Facility Tests can be reset and redone, or the variables of a secondary test can be changed. The security parameters of your safety protocols can see the real time benefit of what we call “Pulse Testing”.

VAAR – Video After Action Reports:

Each stage of the M.A.S.T. Training event is filmed and processed from multiple camera angles.  This footage is combined into a VAAR and is reviewed as part of the classroom portion of the M.A.S.T. instruction.  Students are involved, your safety teams are engaged, and retention is high…and that what it’s all about.  Helping people to have the ability to remember what to do in the middle of the fear.  Our training focuses on the reality of safety and defining survival.  The active shooter has a plan to kill….we all must have a plan to live.

Video After Action Report (VAAR):

  • Multiple Cameras
  • Professional Film Quality
  • M.A.S.T. Safety Score elements defined
  • The VAAR helps bring results to the EAP and helps facilities see progress first hand
  • All Facility Tests are filmed and reviewed.


Course Catalog:

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