EMSA Pediatric CPR / AED & First Aid Training

STEP TWO: Register for EMSA CPR Training: Cost of Course $85.00

This course includes instructor lead, hands on training that includes a skills check. This program is for professionals that require EMSA approved CPR certifications, most commonly: teachers, day care providers, and bus drivers.

At the end of our weekly 6 hour CPR training, students feel empowered and comfortable in their ability to provide CPR in the case of an emergency.

Through years of experience, we have engineered our courses for maximum retention. Our focus is for our students to remember their training when it matters most.

Ready to Take Your Pediatric CPR/AED & First Aid (EMSA) Course?

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Robbi Woolard

“I have been taking courses similar to this for more than 10 years. This by far is the most helpful/informative one I have attended.”

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Marcia Potter

“Best MAB Class and most interesting class I have ever taken and I have taken at least six”

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Rosary Reed

“Excellent class. I love that you include the psychology and physiology behind actions/responses. My husband is a cop, I’m going to sign him up to take this MAB course!!!”

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Jason Kennedy

“Much more knowledgeable program and teachings than what our previous provider offered. Will continue to choose this program in the future.”

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