Pediatric First Aid & CPR/AED (Teachers)

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Community First Aid & CPR/AED

  • Length of Course: 6 Hours

  • Type of Course: Classroom Instruction – On Location – Instructor Lead

  • Who Should Take This Course: Support Staff, Care Professionals, and General Industry

“This is a Public Course Offering.  All Classes are held at MABPRO Headquarters or at a MABPRO Training Center near you.  Check the calendar for available classes at a location near you.”

Description: Easy-to-learn program tailored to the adult learner. Most importantly this class helps build the confidence students need to respond in an emergency. MABPRO First Aid programs are truly geared towards use in a corporate or workplace setting. Our video footage focuses on the emergency care knowledge and techniques in a work environment, making training applicable and relevant to the adult learners taking the classes.

Why Take This Course: It’s also an excellent choice for in-house personnel who are tasked with training others in their organization. Now, we understand that safety professionals or HR personnel may be very reluctant to become the company “expert” in such medical-related subjects or may not have a lot of experience as an instructor in a classroom. So MABPRO First Aid programs follow a standardized, set curriculum, giving the first-time instructor everything he or she needs to confidently present the material covered by the course. This curriculum-driven approach is ideal for multi-location companies that need consistent training across their organization. All MABPRO First Aid Training Programs have used a scenario-based, video-directed, instructional approach that combines seeing, hearing, speaking, feeling, and doing to engage students.

What Will I Leave With?
You will leave with the skills to handle the following situations:
Recognizing an emergency and deciding to help ,personal safety, legal considerations „ emergency medical services (EMS),respiratory and circulatory systems, Sudden cardiac arrest and early defibrillation, chain of survival ,chest compressions, rescue breaths, primary assessment, unresponsive person, Unresponsive and breathing ,unresponsive and not breathing, automated external defibrillators „ basic AED operation, troubleshooting and other considerations, choking, primary assessment responsive person, secondary assessment, control of bleeding, Swollen, painful, or deformed limb, minor wounds, burns, objects in the eye, chemicals in the eye„, Nosebleeds, injured Tooth, warning signs of sudden illness, altered mental status, stroke, diabetic emergencies, seizure, Severe allergic reaction, pain, severe pressure, discomfort in the chest, severe abdominal pain,„ poisoning, bites and stings, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, hypothermia

We look forward to helping you meet your training needs. We understand that sometimes life can get in the way of scheduling.  As a reminder, the MABPRO class refund/cancellation policy provides:
Full refund if notification is received at least 14 days prior to the start of class Refund minus a $25 processing fee if notification is received 7-13 days prior to the start of class. No refund if notification is received six days (or fewer) prior to the start of class.  Special circumstances will be considered, but please let us know as soon as possible if you must cancel a class.

Have a wonderful day, and we look forward to seeing you in class!
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