MAB Management of Assaultive Behavior™

This is a ONLINE Course Offering.  This Course is OSHA and AB508 and SB 1299 Compliant. This Course Provides four (4) CEUS Credits through the Board of Registered Nursing and the Department of Developmental Services Vendor #200575-735-2. Additional M2 MAB instruction required to be certified in Physical Response Maneuvers.

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M1 MAB – Workplace Violence Prevention Program – Principles of Instruction

  • Length of Course: Self Paced

  • Type of Course: Online Instruction

  • Who Should Take This Course: Medical Professionals, Educational Professionals, Law Enforcement, Care Professionals, and General Industry

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This is a Online Course that will lead you through the skill sets needed to recognize and respond to developing workplace violence situations.  This training will help you develop the ability to redirect conflict, enhance safety, and build confidence in your team’s performance. Training on conflict resolution, crisis negotiation, and violence prevention is essential in crisis response planning.  This course will enhance your awareness and increase the effectiveness of your Crisis Intervention ability.

MAB will provide you with the skills you need to be a better leader, responder, and Care Professional.  After this course, your enhanced ability to utilize skills learned in MTAC Active Listening and The Triad of Successful Interventions (combined with updated response guidelines) will greatly improve crisis response.

Does this course offer CEUs?

This is a stand alone MAB Continuing Education Unit eligible course.  This course provides four (4) CEU’s from the Board of Registered Nursing.  Successful completion of this course provides the student with a M1 MAB Certificate.

Does this course teach physical Intervention techniques (M2 MAB Certificate)?

Certification on physical intervention techniques is not available online. We do offer Blended Learning options towards the M2 MAB Certification. 

Authorized Instructors may click here for MAB Course Curriculum access.

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