M2 2 Hour MAB – Safe Evasion Manuevers – AB508/ SB1299 Compliant

This is a Public Course Offering.  All Classes are held at MABPRO Headquarters or at an Authorized MABPRO Training Center.  Click the blue Register button for available classes at a location near you.

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M2 4 Hour MAB – Clinical Containment Techniques

  • Length of Course: 4 Hours

  • Type of Course: Classroom Instruction – On Location – Instructor Lead

  • Who Should Take This Course: Medical Professionals, Educational Professionals, Law Enforcement, Care Professionals, and General Industry

“This is a Public Course Offering.  All Classes are held at MABPRO Headquarters or at a MABPRO Training Center near you.  Check the calendar for available classes at a location near you.”

Understanding the vital dynamics of Workplace Violence, Including Armed Intruders will be examined, addressed and demonstrated during this 6 hour program. Utilizing real-world examples, vivid lecture discussions, case studies, PowerPoint presentations and an 80 page reference manual from the FBI’s Department of Justice focusing on Workplace Violence, this vital training is designed to put the participant into the minds and methodology of the individuals involved within a Workplace Violence situation. Then once the dynamics of Workplace Violence has been examined, your staff will then go through a realistic, hands on mock drill, complete with role playing intruders that will prompt the participants to problem solve in order to perform the survival tasks for themselves, as well as their fellow team members.

This program is especially essential for ER staff, health and behavioral health professionals, security officers, bank employees, law enforcement personnel, schools, businesses and even churches who encounter this growing phenomenon on a daily basis. Recent incidents both locally and nationally, along with relevant topics of Dealing with Intruders who enter the environment with weapons to harm, threaten others, or to commit suicide help drive home the importance and realities and will be examined forensically in order to better understand and evaluate the responsibilities, legalities and responses appropriate for this potentially deadly situation to those who are in the line of fire. Also covered will be the dynamics of use of force and the legalities employees and security need to keep in mind when encountering a potentially violent situation within your place of work.

Workshops can accommodate from 6 to 30 attendees and can be completely customized to the facility and their individual needs.

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