MABPRO Clinical Containment – Principles of Safety (M2 Blended Learning)

This is a ONLINE Blended Learning Course Offering.  This Course is OSHA and AB508 and SB 1299 Compliant. This is NOT a Complete M2 MAB Course. This Course teaches the safety guidelines of Clinical Containment ONLY. Additional instruction REQUIRED in M2 MAB Clinical Containment Techniques. Completion of this course is a prerequisite to be eligible to attend a M2 MAB Skills Course at a MABPRO Training Center near you.

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The Prerequisite Course required is:  MABPRO Safe Evasion Techniques – Principles of Safety

In addition to this course , students seeking an Annual MAB Certification must also complete the following required courses and attend a MAB Skill Session: MABPRO Principles of Instruction and MABPRO Safe Evasion Techniques – Principles of Safety.