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Globally Help is on the move…

Globally Help is on the move…

Charities across the world are responding domestically and internationally to tangibly address critical humanitarian needs – and you can help today by contributing to your community, volunteer, donate and support those in need…below is a list of some major charities and their recent actions: Action Against Hunger: Launching a COVID-19 fund for east Africa. ALIMA USA, […]

Concerns rise as domestic violence reports increase amid the COVID-19 pandemic

With stay-at-home orders issued in Tennessee, unemployment skyrocketing and financial stress mounting, domestic violence victims may find themselves stuck with their abusers in increasingly tense situations amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Already in Chattanooga, there has been a 24% increase in domestic violence reports during March this year compared to last. Across Hamilton County, the increase has been 89%. […]

Woman ‘punches nurse and spits at hospital security guards’ in latest coronavirus frontline attack

Woman ‘punches nurse and spits at hospital security guards’ in latest coronavirus frontline attack

A WOMAN has been arrested after allegedly punching a nurse and spitting at two security guards at a hospital in Bolton. Officers from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) were called to the Royal Bolton Hospital on Saturday afternoon after a nurse was reportedly punched in the stomach. It comes amid a spate of shocking attacks on […]

This is what Nurses need to know about Coronavirus…COVID-19

 By: Chaunie Brusie The first death due to COVID-19 in the United States was reported in Kirkland, Washington State, on February 29, 2020. In addition, the recent news that the U.S. has confirmed the first community-acquired case of COVID-19 virus (meaning it wasn’t from someone who had recently traveled or had any known exposure to anyone with […]

How the loss of U.S. Psychiatric Hospitals led to a Mental Health Crisis:

When the Northville Psychiatric Hospital closed, many of the patients either had to leave southeast Michigan for hospitals elsewhere in the state or ended up in community programs that haven’t always met their needs, an advocacy group says. Paul Sancya/AP A severe shortage of inpatient care for people with mental illness is amounting to a […]

The value of questioning the widespread use of psychiatric medication:

Ryan WardMarch 28, 2020, 9:02 AM PDT Recently, a story was published by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) about a young man with mental health and addiction issues who died in a police-involved shooting in Saskatchewan. Steven Rigby was addicted to alcohol and also struggled with an alcohol-induced depressive disorder. He had attempted suicide more than once and remained […]

Why are people panic buying during the Corona Virus pandemic? (Lindsay Dodgson)INSIDERMarch 22, 2020, 5:35 AM PDT Over the past couple of weeks, people visiting grocery stores have been met by an apocalyptic sight — empty shelves. Essentials like toilet paper, pasta, and vegetables have been selling out in supermarkets everywhere. This panic buying in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus is due to the brain’s survival […]