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All MABPRO training centers are certified to teach both M1 MAB Workplace Violence Prevention as well as M2 Clinical Containments. All of our TCs are supported 24/7 and given special access to our logos, calendaring, and marketing privileges.

To become an authorized Training Center and begin teaching the public. You must first have a location to teach and the appropriate licenses to operate a business in your state. If you wish to work under MABPRO’s umbrella and join our team directly, let us know in our call.

By creating an easy process for becoming a training center, the professionals that need our training have a much better time finding training.

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Robbi Woolard

“I have been taking courses similar to this for more than 10 years. This by far is the most helpful/informative one I have attended.”

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Marcia Potter

“Best MAB Class and most interesting class I have ever taken and I have taken at least six”

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Rosary Reed

“Excellent class. I love that you include the psychology and physiology behind actions/responses. My husband is a cop, I’m going to sign him up to take this MAB course!!!”

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Jason Kennedy

“Much more knowledgeable program and teachings than what our previous provider offered. Will continue to choose this program in the future.”

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