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Featured Faculty

Mike Highfill

Training Director

Certified M3 Instructor and 20 year Navy Veteran.  Mike brings his 20 plus years of experience in to the MABPRO Modality and demonstrates his compassion for student development.

Tanner Dunning

Marketing & IT – Project Management

Tanner wears many hats here at MABPRO. He is currently focusing on product development, IT, and Marketing. He has a natural talent for bringing ideas to life, and is determined to create the highest quality training program in the industry .

“After adopting the MABPRO modality at our facility, we saw a dramatic decrease in violent incidents, and an increase in customer service and employee moral.”

The Center for Developmental Services


Robbi Woolard

“I have been taking this course for more than 10 years. This by far is the most helpful/informative one I have attended.”

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Marcia Potter

“Best MAB Class and most interesting class I have ever taken and I have taken at least six”

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Rosary Reed

“Excellent class. I love that you include the psychology and physiology behind actions/responses. My husband is a cop, I wish he could take this course!!!”

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Jason Kennedy

“Much more knowledgeable program and teachings than what my employer (facility) offered. Will continue to choose this program in the future.”

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Supervisor and Employee Professional Development Training: Sexual Harassment & Assault Prevention and Response (SHARP) Training

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